9-to-5 # Summer

Trying to enjoy the first (possibly last) days of summer this year and considering the weather forecast which confirms that we may never see the sun again, I decided to wear a silk skirt yesterday. I’m not even sure if I ever used it before so I was quite happy to replace my standard, tried and tested 9to5s and wear something more summery. I wanted to tone down the mishmash-y nautical pattern so I paired it with a simple shirt and kitten heels. Ready for work.

Walk in the morning was quite enjoyable. Sunshine, delicate breeze and smiling people around, all set me in a good mood.

As the day got busier I was (as usually) very late for viewing (yes, still looks like I’ll be homeless in 2 weeks time) so I set off for a jog across town at 5.45. I was glad to have the kitten heels on and I was quietly praising my intuition and leaving high heels behind that morning. For the hundredth time though, I forgot how unpredictable Irish weather can be and how (few weeks ago) I vowed never to wear any sort of floaty skirt in Dublin again.

Guess where that’s heading? yes, silk is a floaty sort of fabric. And yes, my skirt was made of that particular fabric.

I had at least 5 serious ‘Marilyn Monroe moments’ along the way. Struggling to keep my skirt where it should be (around my hips rather than my head) I kept little or no attention to where I go and my (no longer so comfy) heels got stuck in every possible crack in pavement I must have passed.

I got to the viewing on time, looking as if tornado has gone through the office earlier on, I still haven’t rented the place.

Nautical silk skirt anyone?

Shirt – Liz Claiborne
Skirt – Zara
Heels – Primark


4 thoughts on “9-to-5 # Summer

  1. That post really made me smile 😉 i can imagine the attention you and your floating skirt got on that day!! Btw – the outfit is lovely and seems to be really comfy.


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