love, hate & a cardi

I am slowly picking out what I like and what I’ll surely avoid this A/W 2011.

Apart from sticking to my pleated, midi skirts (they’re still in, at least for now) and stocking up on some burgundy separates (compulsory to be paired with the animal print!) I also like some of the more unusual choices being:

Portfolio clutch – we all must have perfected the colour blocking by now so why now use it for autumn? Love these clutches but they’re a bit awkward to use sometimes due to the size. You can fit stuff into them as they’re big enough but when they’re stuffed, they’re really uncomfortable to hold. Considering my habit of carrying too many things around, not so sure..

Print shirts / blouses – love the funky designs and the playfulness of them. The sort of thing that will only last for a month? Very possible

A collar – I first saw one of those on a Topshop display but really didn’t like the tee they paired it with, however, they have the brass type which is easier to wear than a leather one.

And what will I be staying away from for now? Wet look leopard pants. No excuse for those. I know you should never say never in fashion (you’ll probably see me in those next week, now that I said it..) but I just don’t think anyone should go near them. And if you do – fair play to you! 🙂

All items by

I have been trying to hunt a cardi that Angela Scanlon used in couple of her outfits recently and which I totally adore. Not much luck on finding something similar so I thought this will have to do. Purpose: instead of a jacket, preferably for summer evenings.

Cardigan – Asos
Pants – New Look
Top – Topshop
Pumps – Primark

Oh and yeah, behind me? a new wardrobe in my boy’s place. Nope, I could not fit my clothes into his…


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