The Ultimate Girls Day Out & pretty skulls

As it’s already become a tradition, last weekend I hit the Ultimate Girls Day Out. Unfortunately our bunch has been smaller than ever due to some sad circumstances but the 3 of us who could still make it decided to stick to the plan.

I always look forward to the Girls Day Out. How can you not? Organised by one of the leading Irish magazines, Irish Tatler, an event strictly for girls where you get to drink champagne from 10 am, see couple of good  fashion shows, collect some free samples and goodie bags, do a bit of shopping and pampering. For a group of friends, there was definitely nothing better to do on a Saturday (unless you watch rugby/football, whatever it was that was being played that day and I have no interest in 😉 or so it seemed. After attending the event every year I must say this was by far the poorest one I’ve been to. I won’t go on about it as you might have liked it or you work for Harmonia and I wouldn’t like to hurt your feelings (I’m sure it was still a lot of work). The amount of stalls with fake bags and jewellery was overwhelming; there were no goddie bags to be seen and hardly any samples. There wasn’t much to buy either unless you were still on the look out for Urban Decay’s Naked. Summing up? All my friends vowed not to come out again.

Trousers – Penneys
Top – Topshop
Earrings – F21
Jacket – River Island
Bag – from Italy
Heels – Zara

Moving on, let me show you something more interesting and prettier. If you don’t call it pretty you ain’t my friend 😉

I only saw them for the first time about 5 minutes ago but I am already crazy about them! I’m not a person for small rings but this is a delicate, small ring perfection.

Rings by Iwona Ludyga


6 thoughts on “The Ultimate Girls Day Out & pretty skulls

  1. There' s only one thing that comes to my mind when I look at that post – you really rock these pants!!!!! As for GDO – I wasn't too impressed either, time to plan another fashion day/night out :))


    Penney's!?! Really? I love that Penney's still manage to surprise!
    Shame to hear that the Ultimate Girls Day Out was a flop. I hope you all didn't have to pay in!


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