Statement scarf

After I watched a fashion show at Dublin Festival of Fashion last Thursday, I knew I will have to make a trip to 2 stores: H&M and Penneys. I was impressed with few different looks at the show but there were 3 things I loved most: the dress + the navy fur from Penneys and the orange blouse from H&M. It was actually quite funny when my friend D. has turned to me to say: ‘this is SO you’ just when I was about to tell her how much I want to get this outfit! (have I become predictable? hmm something to consider on my next shopping trip… buy something less ‘me’).

I hit H&M first.

I was never a big fan of the brand but I admit they seem to be getting better! I’m a little doubtful as to the quality of their clothes and the cut is often a bit off for me but I snapped couple of things in few minutes and was quite surprised to see 2 of them fit nicely! (Including a top I spotted at DFF show which by the way is VERY similar looking to one Penneys has at, funnily, € 0.05 higher price!). I headed downstairs just to have a quick look at accessories and going down the escalator, looking at all the various scarves on display I thought: ‘I will probably never buy a scarf on high street again. Why would I? I can get a great, unique, vintage/designer scarf for better price second-hand. Why do people buy scarves in places like H&M?!’ The moment this exact thought has crossed my mind I noticed something that looked like a cosy blanket. After quick examination it turned out to be a scarf (or snood to be precise).
I literally fell in love.

I took everything I thought about high street scarves back (in my mind) and (ashamed) headed to the till…

Just to summarise; the shopping didn’t take more than 15 min including trying the clothes on; result is a pretty much full outfit at (a spectacular) € 42. Not too shabby H&M…

Trousers, Snood & Blouse – H&M
Shoes – New Look (never worn, completely forgotten and rediscovered)

I got a chance to get in to Penneys few days later, unfortunately none of the furry stuff seemed to be in yet 😉 I did find a dress though which for anyone looking for a cool dress for a night out (with great body and confidence) would be a fantastic buy! It’s very similar to Stella McCartney’s dresses (especially the one on the left), it fits great and it’s just € 15!! I say go for it ladies 🙂


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