The Yellow Jacket

I have recently had a pleasure to work on a very cool photo shoot. I was given an opportunity to style the shoot so it was great fun. It was obviously a bit of work as well but really enjoyable! I was glad that I’ve done my homework and was fully prepared the day before the shoot as I had an awful head cold on a day and no chance for creative thinking in such state.

The first outfit was inspired by some of the looks below.

The yellow jacket was to play the main role and as I wanted a strong contrast, everything else was black. To make sure that it doesn’t get boring the top was covered in sequins, I added leather gloves and generally tried to make it a little bit glamorous and sparkly. I also went for silver accessory which works great with yellow.

Photography: Gabor Nagy, website: Gaborimages
Model: Bozena, Blog: Room no 65
Make up: Daphne Lopes, Blog: Lilac Fashion
Styling: Myself

Structured jacket created a nice shoulder for the model and the black skirt was really flattering on her.

What are your thoughts?


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