Last, however, in my opinion, definitely not least look from the photo shoot.

This is the one I was most worried about and had some doubts. It’s definitely not the kind of look our model would go for and I found it hard to imagine what would she look like in this outfit.

I must say this is probably my favourite look now so I am delighted that I went ahead with it. She also seemed to have a lot of fun posing for these photos so all in all, everyone is happy 🙂

Photography: Gabor Nagy, website: Gaborimages
Model: Bozena, Blog: Room no 65
Make up: Daphne Lopes, Blog: Lilac Fashion
Styling: Myself

2 thoughts on “Rockalicious

  1. That's definitely my favourite!!!! Perfectly composed outfit + beautiful make-up + great hairstyle. Congratulation to all involved in creating that masterpiece!


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