DIY – studded collar

I’ve been putting this off for way too long now.

My boy sometimes (not often enough in my opinion) has a go through his wardrobe and throws some unwanted items to me for ‘experimenting’. A lot of them are totally unsuitable (if it was my choice, they’d be gone in the 90’s 😉 but some, I actually keep, hoping to turn them into something suitable one day.

I had that shirt for ages now. I thought about it as soon as metallic and studded collars appeared around.

I wish I took a picture of it BEFORE I started the changes. I’ll start doing that (in case, like myself, you’re artistically unsettled and try turning ‘nothings’ into ‘somethings’ ;).

It has a stain at the front so I considered cutting it short but it would be tiny bit too short for me so I thought that tying it up at the front will partially cover it and generally take attention away from it. It was long sleeved and I think sleeves in man’s shirts are so masculine that you either have to roll them up or get rid of them completely to avoid looking like you really are wearing your boy’s old shirt.

I didn’t want it to be all pretty pretty so I tore the sleeves off to give it a bit of a ripped, messy look.
Obviously, something feminine had to be added (so my boy wouldn’t take it back) so I went for sparkly studs.

I wish I had the time to iron it before I took the photos but considering that I’m about to get on a plane for my 3 week holiday,hey I’m lucky I got a chance to snap it at all!



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