High Street to 5th Avenue

Blending of high street and designer clothes has been apparent for quite some time now. It’s a subject I really want to do some research on and elaborate when I can actually commit to it.

Right now, I just want to mention one of Zara’s recent lookbooks. I’ve been a fan of Zara on and off for years. There are 2 problems I have with them which I really didn’t want to rant about but at this stage have to mention;

1. Their trousers are gorgeous. As long as you don’t wear them several times / wash them. I now go for pants a size too small as I know what the ‘final’ effect will be (stretched by a size after 1st wear).

2. Their clothes rarely look as good on ‘real people’ as they do on their models. Now I know that’s not news, happens everywhere and hey, partly that’s what fashion is about. The thing is, so many designers and more importantly high street brands use ‘realer’ looking girls in advertisement now, whereas Zara seems to be going more and more skinny… Do I love the pics and clothes on those girls? I do. Am I a bit jealous? Yeah… a tad. Still, I can say they’re pushing it so here, I said it 😉

I’m in love with that skirt but it’s just nothing like that on me!
High street perfection

One thought on “High Street to 5th Avenue

  1. I agree, the models do look too skinny. Saying that I do love that third outfit, especially the trousers. The sizing in Zara is weird, though. One size is too small, then the next size up is too big. But hey, it's Zara. I'm always gonna love that shop no matter what! :)SarahD


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