Quilty pleasure

When I hear ‘puffed jacket’ a lot of things come in to my mind…
80’s hip hop (gangster) style, after that the 90’s over-popularity and through to complete disappearance in 2000’s.

With cold wind behind the window and more and more quilted jackets in windows displays, I revisited the idea. My memories brought me back to the 90’s when my mum would make me get into one of those. The jacket not only made me look 3 sizes bigger, it was hardly possible to move in it due to its’ thickness (a snowman like effect when your arms just stick out on the sides). Squeezing (gracefully) through a bus full of teenagers was just not an option.

Based on that, you may understand my distance to anything puffed or quilted.

However, I can’t help but notice that my ‘enemy jacket’ is back in fashion. I can sort of understand its’ practical benefits, it is probably the warmest thing going. What strikes me most now is that it has become figure fitting and (I can’t believe I’m saying it) flattering!

I may actually revisit that spot… Not too sure about the winter version but maybe something lighter for spring?

Rebecca Taylor & DAKS
Vero Moda

Are you into the ‘quilty pleasure’? 😉


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