The term above is very close to my fashion-addicted soul. It’s come up in many books, conversations, interviews, articles… you name it. It’s been one of the bases of dressing for many other fashionable souls. To me, it remained a mystery.

I would say that I apply it in jewellery (even though some may disagree) – I’m known for wearing 3 up to unlimited amounts of necklaces at the same time. The same applies to rings; the number of fingers is surely not my limit.

When it comes to clothing though, it’s a trend I tried to crack many times and I’m yet to succeed. I’ve read all about mixing different fabrics, patterns, sticking to particular colours or contrasting with 1 piece. I know that the final result should be stylish, laid back but not bulky.

I think I always end up with that last one though…

Trousers – 7for all mankind
Shirt – Stradivarius
Jumper – Dunnes
Jakcet – vintage
Boots – Asos
Snood – H&M (mens)
One more reason why I’m looking forward to spring and I’m glad that it’s such a mild winter in Dublin this year!
I’ll come back to this challenge next year probably but if you have any tips in the meantime – appreciated 🙂

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