Ready steady go

2012 started so suddenly that I never got a chance to say Happy New Year!

I had a great, very relaxing time with my boy in West Cork which unfortunately ended with my sickness but at least it came after the good times!

Ireland is such a pretty place, I remember I read a brilliant article on before (just spent ages trying to find it but no hope). It talked about how great Ireland would be if the weather was better as it’s such an amazing place and how God made a mistake and placed the island of Ireland on the wrong sea (deep down the Irish are really Mediterranean).

I remembered that article during the weekend in West Cork when sun came out (for like 3 minutes) and it was as if the world around me had changed. The views were spectacular and if only that sun stayed around for a bit longer, I would happily trade Italy for Ireland as my summer holiday destination.

Jeans – New Look
Boots – Penneys
Fake Fur – Thrifted
Jumper – bought in Spain
Scarf – H&M


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