No panic, I won’t be posting any adult content!

One of the Christmas presents I received was the Urban Decay, Naked make-up palette. I’m pretty sure it needs no introduction, especially to bloggers, due to whom the thing was sold out for ages. I personally couldn’t get a hold of it initially and then I sort of ignored it (read below re: my lack of beauty addiction). I never tried it which was maybe part of the reason as well. I only became a ‘make-up brush addict’ recently after I got a set of brushes during my holidays. I don’t know if they’re any good but I just loove using them.

After my first go with the palette I was totally hooked. I started with ‘naked’ shade, worked through the ‘virgin’ and in no time I realised I’m half way through the palette, used most of the colours and didn’t feel like stopping! Some of the shades are also so simple and amazing at the same time, I can’t believe I only got it now. Thanks Santa BTW!

Urban Decay Naked palette, my makeup (v.simple) and the brushes..

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