I’ve always had a thing for sheer, floaty skirts. The ones with a longer hemline at the back particularly appeal to me and have been tempting me for a few months but it’s the kind of thing that I just wasn’t sure if I would ever get a chance to wear.

I picked this skirt up in Zara and I had a feeling I will end up regretting my impulse purchase soon.

How wrong was I? It’s really comfortable and it would be too short if it was just the length of the front and also a bit long if it was the same length as the back part so this way it’s simply perfect! It will be great for summer; I can just see it with a simple tee, cool shades and a pair of funky flip flops.

It was also perfect for last weekend when I was going over to my sister’s and wanted to wear something that wouldn’t be too boring but would also be comfortable and possible to wear on a bus (I have that thing with hating heels / dresses when on a bus, don’t ask).

 Skirt – Zara
Jumper – H&M
It’s in the detail..
Boots – bought in Germany
Clutch bag – French Connection (a present)
Ring & charms – Penneys
Belt -Zara

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