Marni for H&M

Marni for H&M was the first designer & high street collaboration that I was REALLY excited about. I am a huge fan of their designs and patterns so a possibility of getting them at high street prices sounded too good to be true.

Unfortunately like most regular human beings I have a job (which actually happens to pay for the shopping) so I was unable to queue at H&M at 9 am. A thought of an ‘appointment’ flashed through my mind as an excuse at work but the shopping bags would probably give it away… they know me too well at this stage anyway.

So I managed to stay away all morning and headed at lunchtime (realistically) not hoping for much. As I expected, hardly anything was left at that stage so I flicked through few leftover pairs of pink pyjama shorts that obviously didn’t do anyone any justice and was about to leave when I spotted it.

The last handbag, neatly hidden under the racks of clothes.

Maybe it was waiting for someone else’s payday or maybe it was destiny, I don’t really care; I am too happy to have it!!

(it’s the printed bag above)

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