I am so excited to blog about this outfit! Not that it’s anything special, it’s actually rather on a very not-special side of things. It is just SO me! It’s one of those things that really work for me; most women would have their perfect LBD and I have this ensemble (at the moment, they change quite often..).

Where do I start…neon? Ok, so we all know that neon is big this season but how to make it work? I think it’s easiest to keep it simple. A comfortable t-shirt in a neon color that generally works for you is a really easy way to work this trend. If you still feel like your upper body screams at people around you, throw something on, maybe a crochet vest? It will take away the attention a little bit.

Jeans. Nothing special, boyfriend style jeans, quite old actually BUT what I like about them is that they’re rolled up. I gave up wearing these some time ago as I found them to be too manly and hard to pull off without looking like a sk8er girl. The rolled up jeans trend this season is a perfect solution for these. Take any jeans (as long as they’re not wide legged), roll em up, throw on a pair of heels and sexy&casual here we go!

Bag. This bag was a present and I’ll talk about it a little more soon, for the moment, all I’ll say is that it fits everything I need inside. Which is rare and priceless.

Shoes. Ok so I didn’t actually opt for heels but wedge just makes so much more sense in Dublin… These are comfy and thanks to the open-toe, they’re actually spring appropriate!

To sum up; it’s a very casual outfit which feels right for me in every sense, hope you enjoy it too 😉

Jeans – Pull & Bear (bought in Spain)
T-shirt – Vero Moda
It’s in the detail..
Bag – present
Shoes – Promod (bought in Poland)
Sunglasses – ebay
Headband, worn as a bracelet – Penneys
Necklace – present

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