I’m well aware of my addictive shopping behaviour but I really got worried recently after a sudden realisation… It was 1 day after the March Flea Market where I managed to get rid of some of my stuff (I actually can’t see ANY difference in my wardrobe but I sold at least  2 rails full of clothing! BTW I already saw one of my skirts prominently displayed in a vintage store in town, I won’t mention the name but I was SO disappointed… the skirt was bought in Zara!) and I have realised I am now (also) a shoeaholic.

I needed a new pair of flats and since I still had the cash I’ve made at the market in my pocket (it was literally burning a hole in it already 😉 I thought I will pop in to River Island on the way home. As it happens, the sale was on and you probably know how the story goes… I got home with 4 pairs of shoes thinking I will make up my mind and bring 2 of them back. I still have the shoes and I have since purchased another few pairs… but more on that coming soon.

River Island ~ perfect with pastel coloured jeans
Dunnes Stores ~ perfect for a sunny day in Dublin
River Island ~ perfect with skinny black pants
River Island ~ perfect with oversized shirt-dress

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