C’mon boys (& ladies) in green!

Since all of Dublin has gone green (and quite sad as of yesterday), I thought a little green injection in to my look is necessary. Although cheering in front of a screen mightn’t be enough, it’s better than nothing!

This is one of my ‘good girl’ dresses 😉 It’s perfect for any sort of family, work or other social occasions where, well, you’re kind of expected to dress like a good girl! It’s not very fashion forward but it’s a very simple outfit and thanks to the colour, quite radiant. Also, the pleated bottom adds a  bit of an interest.
I thought that pushing it a little further with the preppy look will be fun so I added a metal collar necklace. Simple, comfy & quite chic so perfect for many occasions to come (inc. cheering the boys in green).

Dress – Zara
It’s in the detail…

Heels – Zara
Necklace – H&M
Clutch bag – TkMaxx
Ring – present

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