The perfect boyfriend

jeans of course!

It amazes me that this item, which constitutes an inseparable part of my wardrobe, is suddenly trendy… how could it possibly ever not be?! I mean you have your skinny jeans, you have a pair of cut offs (probably DIYed), a pair of colored jeans, probably a pair of flattering black jeans, maybe a pair of high-waisted or flared jeans and you also, most definitely, have a pair of boyfriend jeans!
Or is that just me? I mean they’re perfect. With flats & a shirt, with heels & pretty much anything, with a pair of converse and a hoodie… you simply can’t beat them.
They also tend to be the most comfortable ones which again makes me think – are there really ladies out there who wouldn’t have them?! Well, if you don’t, hit Forever21 asap and get yourself a pair of those… my new favorite pair 🙂 @ below €25 it’s a real bargain as well.

I was dying to try out one of my recent charity-shopping purchases too (BTW getting seriously addicted to second hand shopping… isn’t it the best though?!). The military-style vest. I wanted to get a jacket first but I think I might need some more time (& confidence) for one of those. The vest is perfect, not too much but a statement in itself 🙂 Paired with a crochet top and a pair of heels transforms a military boyfriend look into a perfectly acceptable lady-wear!

As for the perfect boyfriend? let’s be realistic…. none of us
is perfect either 😉

Jeans – Forever21 (v.similar HERE)
Crochet top – Topshop (love THIS ONE too)
Military vest – thrifted (a more subtle military style accessory HERE)
It’s in the detail..
Heels – Aldo
Necklace – Penneys
Ring – Topshop
Bracelet –

23 thoughts on “The perfect boyfriend

  1. They look beautiful on you! And I love the shoes, too. I find it quite hard to find a pair of perfect jeans and have only just moved into boyfriends territory. 🙂


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