The duffel bag

As a bit of a fashion geek, I thought I’ll do some research on the subject first.

I reached for my “Fifty bags that changed the world” book, convinced that it will give me all the answers. Unfortunately it turns out that the duffel bag was not important enough to be mentioned…. pity. I personally think that it’s interesting enough. On the other hand, looking through all of the 50 bags that made it to the book, well, every single one of them would be a rather difficult one to replace.

I turned to Google so and briefly, you might be interested to hear that the name of this bag comes from a town in Belgium where the cloth used to make the bag originated from. It used to be a military bag. Nowadays, the name refers more to the style of a bag which is cylindrical in shape, with a drawstring closure at the top.
I even looked up Duffel in Belgium but most photos are military-related and well, not interesting enough to publish really!

Here, mystery solved 😉 For some duffel-hungry fashionistas out there I have picked out few interesting ones.

Vivienne Westwood
Below, my own duffel bag and a rather not-my-style-but-I’m-trying outfit 😉
Shirt – 
Dress – H&M
It’s in the detail…

Duffel bag – Penneys
Runners – Converse
Hat – Urban Outfitters
Belt – (came with the shirt)
If you’re not familiar with check them out ladies! My package arrived super quick and their prices are great.

19 thoughts on “The duffel bag

  1. This is very interesting, because I've searched Duffel as well and I've just learnt that there's a duffle coat as well! I only knew it by its Spanish name (“trenca”) and I had no idea of its origins. It used to be my favourite type of coat when I was a child 🙂 . The duffle bag… well, not so much 😛 .

    Sara from A Modern-Day Lady


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