Designer stamps

I always thought I’m not much of a collector. As a child, I was on and off things all the time: be it porcelain elephants (my sister held an interesting collection), dried plants (you could find them in most books in the house, I think it was my other sis) or pictures of models taken out of magazines. I never seemed to stick to collecting one thing for too long although fashion related interests were always in some way reflected in my (always changing) hobbies.

You wouldn’t believe my excitement though when I received a very unexpected present yesterday … which turned out to be a collection of stamps.
Not just some stamps though – the fashion designer stamps! I must have been hiding under a tree for the last few weeks as I seem to be the only person who hasn’t heard of their launch… Right now, I don’t care anyway as I am the only person (I know) who owns them!
This is a hell of a cool pressie…. and it takes up SO much less space than my shoe collection 😉

My fab collection in a fab display..

xxx for D


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