I think this may actually be a first DIY I’m posting on the blog… exciting!

I upcycle my clothes quite regularly but a lot of the time changes are made to make something more wearable or fit better so it’s not interesting enough to talk about. I thought I’ll do a post about this little job I did few days ago as it’s really easy and the final effect is actually pretty cool.

Military and jewelled clothing flooded the floors of HS stores. Although I’m loving both, I doubt I could get much wear out of them long term. I was loving the Zara shirt below but wasn’t convinced about spending €50 on it. I headed for a charity shop instead and picked up Esprit military style blazer. Some jewels from Crown Jewels and.. voila!

* photos are kinda homemade too 😉

And results..
Inspired by Zara’s shirt below

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