DIY necklace for Insomniacs

To celebrate Dublin Fashion Festival and promote ‘DIYing’ & recyclable fashion I created a very simple DIY based on a rather unusual element… plastic lid!
Who said your take-away coffee lids can’t be useful!? Insomnia provided me with some materials, magazines and internet with inspiration… check out the results below.
Step 1:
All you need is: couple of lids, a pretty thread / ribbon / rope – anything that you feel is suitable as a necklace carrier (mine was from Rubanesque). 
Step 2:
Cut the lids into tear / leaf shapes. Play around a little, the more interesting the better! Make sure you mix them up and have both flat and arched types – the second ones will help you create some volume.
Step 3:
Every piece needs a hole so get going with that puncher!
Step 4:
Threading is not everyone’s cup of tea but hey, after so many cups of coffee… you can do it 😉
Step 5:
Result! Congratulations, you just got yourself a pretty unusual, pretty cool and super cheap neckpiece!

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