9-to-5 # Black&White

I still believe that nine to five dressing is one of the biggest challenges many fashion-conscious ladies face every day. I will try to get back to my 9-to-5s and hopefully give you some ideas on how to fight that battle 😉

This particular outfit is very simple and it would be perfect on a day when you just don’t know what to expect from your work day ahead. It is smart but not over the top, paired with flats it is also comfortable but still chic and official. The key to this look is: using monochromes (keep it smart and simple), going for very simple and unfussy shapes (avoid scruffiness and keep it business-like), pairing it with a good sized bag that’s interesting but not too fashionable (I find Orla Kiely to be the perfect choice for anything like that) and wearing shoes that are elegant without being sky-high (the comfort aspect which you’ll be thankful for at the end of a busy day).

Blazer – River Island
Shirt – Zara
Trousers – Zara
Bag – Orla Kiely
Shoes – River Island
Watch – DW
Bracelet – River Island
Belt – Zara

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