The story of my life

On a bad hair day, when I spend the morning trying to make my (desperate for wash) hair look as if they were supposed to be in that messy knot / odd plat / head scarf on purpose, compliments on my hairdo come flying at me all day long. Are they just being sarcastic or do people really think that my dry shampooed + backcombed + tonnes of hair clips really work for me?! The same applies to clothes. I could put so much thought into an outfit… which goes unnoticed. Anything thrown together in a rush on the other hand is usually considered the coolest outfit ever!

It also applies to branded clothes, or rather, their lack of. I’ve recently experienced it again so best if I just tell the story (if you’re still with me).

I was at one of Siopella’s now famous sales in aid of A Dogs Life. Browsing through the clothes I was stopped by a fellow shopper for a quick chat. I was quite happy with what I wore that day and my outfit roughly consisted of: Michael Kors trench, part-leather pants from COS, Italian leather bag and an encrusted collar. Imagine my amusement when the said shopper complimented on my boots, which, as anyone from Dublin will surely know the answer, were from Penneys! The girl left delighted with my answer surely heading for Mary Street and I, yet again, was left wondering what really the point in spending money on clothes is…

Olivia Palermo (most likely in designer) & Penneys version


5 thoughts on “The story of my life

  1. I totally understand where your coming from! Sometimes I get the most compliments on something I've had for 10 years over something new I'm so giddy over and goes totally unnoticed. I for one don't spend on designer I'm a high-street girl, but sometimes I give into to some bag temptation. Its not really a quantity over quality because I want to wear pieces that are manufactured well and solider it out in my washing machine. Dont be fooled by all this chat as I love shopping and filling my wardrobe. But with so many copy-cat designer pieces on the market at the moment I sometimes wonder whats the point in spending all that cash?? I'd sooner save it up and go globe trotting for a week. x


  2. You certainly dont need to spend a fortune to look a fortune 😀 you can find fab lookalikes on th highstreet,and although it would be fab to be able to afford designer goodies like olivia palmero,but its not worth spending so much on something that you can get so much cheaper! Ive never heard of or been to penneys before,but it sounds amzing,I lov a bargain.


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