Maison Martin Margiela

H&M’s most recent collaboration will launch in stores on 15th of November.

When I think MMM, I think: abstract, oversized, masculine… and simple.
I think: this is what I would like to wear. And look hot at the same time.
Then I look at the price and I think: I have to stop eating & move to the streets, I might be able to afford it then.

Maison Martin Margiela AW’12

I am a huge fan of MMM’s style and I think that his AW’12 was fab. Personally I would accessorise such simple pieces more (off the runway) but although simple, they make for amazing staple pieces.

I am delighted to see that his collaboration with H&M resulted in a designer worthy collection and that he stayed true to his signature style. I am a little concerned though whether I could pull these outfits off and actually, how suitable they are for everyday life.

Maison Martin Margiela for H&M

Still, considering that this may be the only opportunity I can get a bit of MMM without the hefty price tag… I might just go for it 🙂


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