New kids on the block

I definitely spend too much time around Dawson Street (shopping & eating) so I was surprised to see that I somehow missed a new tenant moving in.

Rare Clothing Company buy clothes for cash (winter wardrobe revamp anyone?) and also sells some great stuff. After a quick chat with one of the owners I found that they are committed to delivering high-end brands at great prices (hello Christian L @ € 200!). They’re still working on the store and the concept so expect more and better.

Surely, I couldn’t leave empty handed and although I was tempted by the French Connection studded dress below, I left with a pair of leather shorts @ € 12!

Note to self: Stores to visit regularly -> Update: Rare -> Checked.

They’re on Fbook already if you want to check them out: Rare Clothing Company

 Stock @ Rare
Interiors & some quick snaps of products
My new leather shorts 🙂

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