9-to-5 # Dungarees

I was 10 (maybe less..) when I read a book that seriously influenced my way of thinking. Since reading “Never say never” (I can’t remember the author but it was long before Melissa Hill, which I shouldn’t probably admit) I always thought twice before I said I’d never do something. Over the next 10 years I was regularly tested by somebody out there who usually ensured that I was proved wrong anytime I ‘nevered’ something: from eating mussels, through wearing skinnies, right to dating Irish guys.

Here I am again, even though I thought I’ve learned my lesson. Wearing dungarees was on my ‘not a done thing, do not go back there’ list. How did it make a move to my 9 – to – 5 list? I couldn’t possibly tell you. What I can say though is that it’s a fantastic way to move away from boring office wear and still look really smart. Paired with a crisp white shirt, black dungarees look classy and not a bit 90s. Although they’re not new kids on the block (see what I did there?;) in 21st century they can still serve their original purpose – work-wear!

I say give them a go ladies, I promise you will not look back.

Dungarees – River Island
Shirt – Penneys
It’s in the detail…
Heels – Christian Louboutin
Bag – H&M
Bracelets (top to bottom) – River Island, bought at a festival, Penneys
Rings – River Island and Penneys

10 thoughts on “9-to-5 # Dungarees

  1. I would never think to wear overalls to work, the look cool with a button up shirt though. I used to have a pair of huge denim ones that I wore all through my last year of high school 😉


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