Candy girl

I rarely go for a sweet girly look but if I do, I tend to go all out!

The colours in this outfit make me think of fizzy straw candies (I actually have a few sitting on my kitchen table which possibly inspired the outfit). I can’t wait to wear this coat on a proper spring day, I think it ticks all the boxes for this season’s coat: 60s inspired, orange, with  THE sleeve of the season (in my humble opinion).

A prom dress like this is very versatile and I would encourage every girl (even not the very girly one) to get one as they’re suitable for so many occasions: dinner with your boy, girls’ night out or even a wedding (fancier belt + hairstyle + bag and you’re set to go).

I reckon all I’m missing is a pink cadillac 😉

Dress – River Island
Coat – Penneys
It’s in the details..
Ring – River Island
Clutch bag – H&M
Belt – River Island
Heels – Gucci

18 thoughts on “Candy girl

  1. Thank you that's so nice to hear! I've followed your blog on my 'reading list' now – sorry if that's not how to follow people, like I say I'm still a bit rubbish at this! x


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