Starting today and running until the 15th of June, a collection of homeware by 16 Irish designers is displayed in the windows and throughout the store at Brown Thomas, Dublin. I had the opportunity to attend the press launch this morning and get the very first glimpses at the items displayed.
Was I wowed? To say the least. All of the items are real pieces of art and I would happily take any of the exhibits home. 
Shopping at Brown Thomas  is normally a pleasant experience but I think that the exhibition, casually displayed in between the beautiful clothes, brings it to a whole new level. Well done BT and of course, the Crafts Council of IrelandHopefully there’s more of such fantastic ideas where this came from! 

Below, some of the items displayed, including my favourite: Hydrangeas Cube by Sasha Sykes.  

 Clockwise from left to right: Sasha Sykes, Jack Doherty, John Lee

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