Dreaming of Martin

There is a list full of names that I love so much but I will probably never get to see… on any of the labels present in my wardrobe.
Maison Martin Margiela is numer 16 on the list 😉
Amazingly, it is now not only on my dress’s label, it’s also on the hanger that came with the dress! H&M might feature somewhere in between as well but hey, this is a whole lot of closer than I thought I would ever get to Mr Margiela and I’ll tell you, I’m one happy gal for that alone. I’m off to indulge myself in Margiela’s oversized silky perfection, hope you’ll enjoy it too.

It’s in the detail.. 
Necklace – River Island
Bracelet – Penneys
Ring – Nathalia’s
Bag – bought in Thailand
Heels – Reiss

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