Irish weather, women, fashion… we’re all fickle and a little (to say the least) unpredictable at times. Trying to work with the weather and have some fun with fashion at the same time, I went for a rather unconventional combo. A white organza skirt and a men’s basketball jacket are not the first two things you think of putting together. They’re actually most likely the two things that you keep very much away in your wardrobe (ie. sporty section & dressy section -> no cross over between the two).

I am a fickle woman though who lives in Dublin where the weather changes from one minute to another and who likes to try different things when it comes to fashion. Not extreme, just different. So here’s my devious outfit of a day.

Skirt – Penneys
T-shirt – Zara
Jacket – Brookhaven @Life Style Sports
It’s in the details..
Taking fashion seriously 😉
Clutch – H&M
Necklace – Penneys
Bracelet – handmade by Manufaktura Niebanalna
Phone cover – Penneys
Heels – River Island

16 thoughts on “Fickle

  1. You look gorgeous! =) love your shoes. Nice to meet you face to face yesterday! hope we can coincide in another event soon.
    Following you on GFC and Bloglovin (and twitter :P)
    Have a nice weekend!


  2. thanks so much Carol, that's so nice of you! I've few things scheduled for the blog though and going away as well so I won't be able to pass it on right now, really sorry


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