Summer glow

I’ve been asked about my tan several times recently so I thought I’ll share this with you. I’ve been a fan of Dove products for a while but recently they just keep on impressing me. I now refuse to use shampoo or conditioner any other than Dove simply because my hair is never as nice then. When it comes to daily moisturising I’m committed to E45 (sorry, nothing beats it for me) but every few days I use Dove lotion as well. They’re super hydrating and the smell is gorgeous! They’re a tad too rich for me on a daily basis but save my life when my skin needs an extra kick.

Back to the glow though! You probably know where this is heading. Since the sun is nowhere to be seen in Dublin and I still want to be occasionally able to sport summer clothes, I gave Dove summer glow a go.

This is not a fake tan product so you need to work with it a little and it takes a couple of applications to get the right result. Once you do though, it’s fantastic. I use it every few days now to keep the lovely, tanned look without turning orange, yellow or any other colour.

I’ve recently passed a bottle on to my sister to try it out and a friend had a look at it at the time. She coldn’t ger over the smell which is just amazing. It also gives a little bit of shimmer to the skin without being too shiny.

I use the ‘fair to medium’ regularly and the darker one sporadically when I want a darker result.

I always liked Dove campaigns which promote the image of real women – another reason I will stand by them!


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