Summer @ Dublin

The amazing hot weather in Dublin took me by surprise. I’m well aware that it’s summer time but I also spent the last 9 summers in Dublin and I have learnt from my mistakes. Summer wardrobe in Ireland? More like spring wardrobe with a dash of autumn, boots were my absolute staple last summer (best for walking through puddles).

My enthusiasm with the opportunity of experiencing some real summery weather was interrupted with a dreadful realization: I haven’t got appropriate clothes. I raided my wardrobe trying to put some outfits together but my holiday clothes are mostly beachwear (so not suitable for office, no matter how hot) and anything summery I bought before for Irish summers, was just too warm!

I found a few trusty pieces though, some of which I was considering getting rid of and this experience convinced me to hold on to them.

The first one was the dress below. Thanks to it’s dropped waist and loose fitting shape, it’s super comfy and I always reached for it as a trusty staple (usually with black opaques and a blazer though). It proved perfect for the real Irish summer and totally city-appropriate.

Dress – Oasis
It’s in the details.. 
Sunglasses – New Look
Midi rings – Dixi
Flatforms – Penneys
Ring – River Island
Nail Polish – sugar crush by Isadora
The weirdest photo of the day 😉

5 thoughts on “Summer @ Dublin

  1. WOW! Simply beautiful! All the pictures are fabulous. Nice collection of rings displayed above I must say. I also love to wear vintage rings. I usually wear rings in all of my fingers. I have a huge collection of diamond and sapphire rings in my wardrobe. Recently I purchased a blue diamond ring by Perfect Ring. It is very pretty and charming and I have already got so many compliments on it.


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