Russian roulette

I have fallen for the style of the Russian girls about 2 years ago. You might remember I previously blogged about Miroslava Duma (HERE) as my style icon and I have followed the fascinating evolution of the Russian fashion pack. These girls know fashion. They rock couture as day wear and have designers falling at their feet. What caught my attention though was the way they often introduce traditional Russian garments into their outfits. The influence of their heritage and tradition is often unexpectedly mixed with European designer garments.

I have found myself embarrassed for straying away from my own heritage and background. I am all in for Irish design, promoting anything that comes from the emerald island and I rarely consider referring my childhood & teenagehood in Poland. I believe that my sense of fashion and style has developed in my late teens and early 20s when I was already in Dublin but I can’t help but wonder if my grandma’s colorful scarfs tied under her chin really had nothing to do with my love for printed trousers, blazers and shirts …

The Russian pack brought back some memories and a long forgotten love of Eastern prints and styles.

I am delighted to see that these styles have now filtered down to the high street all over Europe and I am seriously excited about New Look‘s Babushka collection. Mohair jumpers, furry bags, textures and prints… no risk of fashion suicide!

New Look has released some seriously fun videos of their new collection as well, I love the accessory one below!


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