The investment piece

Coats & jackets are huge for Autumn/Winter (for obvious reasons) but this year designers really pushed the boundaries and created some seriously covetable items.
I personally look at coats as investment pieces and I either spend more & pick a classic one (which will last for yonkies) or spend very little and go for a trendy piece (which will be totally unsuitable next season).

The last classic coat I got has recently been ‘refurbished’. My friend has replaced the lining for me (don’t worry, she’s a pro!) so it’s ready to go in 2013 again. I am getting a bit weary of it though and since I know it will easily last another few winters I am considering another classic purchase this year.

Here are a few options I’m considering, any thought? What are your coat habits? šŸ™‚

Wool coat @ Bon Prix
Hooded wool coat @ Zara
Waterfall coat @ River Island
Collar zip coat @ Warehouse
I know this is not necessarily a classic but really lusting after this jacket @ Bon Prix!

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