They say that ‘if you find an item that you love, buy it in all colours’. I never do that. If I find something I like though, I buy it. Even if something quite like it, might be already hanging in my wardrobe…

It may not be clear to you at the first sight but there is a distinct difference between these two looks.

The one on the left generated a lot of compliments (including Courtney Smith’s at a recent press preview). It’s been worn to work with a simple navy dress and a waist belt and it worked. The black and blue of the blazer blends in with the black of the top and the blue of the jeans and although printed, it doesn’t stand out as much.

The look on the right on the other hand caused a little bit of a stir. One of the initial reactions was ‘Oh my God’ and it came from a straight man which is not always great.
The vivid greens stand out strong even on a green background so you can only imagine a bright office wall… Approach with caution. I really like how it brings life to this otherwise basic outfit though.

I like the choice between the two so I will keep them boys together (never worn together).

 Blue blazer – Topshop
Green blazer – River Island
Top – Zara
Jeans – Pull & Bear
Bag & Belt – Penneys
Bracelet – Tiffany
Heels – Office

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