The pink kicks

It must have been Lilly Allen who made me realise that runners and flowery dresses can totally be worn together.
No, you are not committing a crime against fashion or humanity. Yes, you might be wearing an unexpected combo but you’re probably looking damn gorgeous doing it. Why? That sort of combination takes a certain level of confidence in your own look, a tongue-in-cheek sense of fashion and happiness with yourself. If you’re going to pull off that sort of look, you need to wear a smile on your face and most likely skip a few steps or throw in a few pirouettes along the way (I totally did).

In case you think a flowery dress is for summer only, I dare to disagree.

You might have noticed this (hi-tops) is not my first Life Style Sports purchase. I also have some cool sunnies to show you… once the sun is out! I’ve been loving their fashion line and if you’re not familiar with it yet, check it out, well worth it.

Dress – Lipsy
Cardigan – handed down from my sis
It’s in the details… 
Nike runners – Life Style Sports
Bag & rings – H&M
Hat – Penneys

2 thoughts on “The pink kicks

  1. Love the kicks and how you styled 'em! Funnily enough my mate wrote about the Life Style Sports press day for me and picked out these hi tops in a post last week – had a couple of commenters wondering how to style them so will direct them to this post! X


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