The Style Exchange

I’ve been toying with an idea of a swap party for a while. I was a little bit lost re: how to make it work so I kept on putting it off. Until I came across the Galaxy Style Exchange. Not only did I find a guide on how to host the party, they also offered some goodies to support it! Obviously, I couldn’t turn chocolate down.

I won’t go into all details on how to host a party, you can find them HERE. My only advice is, and it’s something that I was very concerned about, ensure that everyone is aware that they may not return with the exact same number of clothes that they brought. When their clothes are gone, they’re gone! I was lucky that my friends seemed ok with it and they all left delighted with their swaps + we made a local charity shop very happy indeed! (leftovers;)

What I found really entertaining about hosting the party was collecting clothes from the girls and recognising their different styles. It was so obvious that A. had everything printed, J. was all about pencil skirts and N. elegant tops. Seeing all these different styles made me rather worried about how they’re gonna get on at the party. So like any good host, I stocked up on drink and made a lot of food (in case anyone needed to drown/eat their sorrow for not being able to find anything they like ;).

So what happened at the party? Ladies magically managed to fish out their own look out of the mix of contradictory styles! It was so much fun seeing this happen and also getting some really cool pieces for myself! Shopping without spending any money? Hell yeah!

Here’re some snaps from the party


My fave ‘swap’ 🙂

One thought on “The Style Exchange

  1. Thanks a lot again, Anna! Enjoyed it so much that cannot wait for the next one to happen! Food was delisious, clothes glamorous and company very enjoyable! Looking forward to meet you all again sometime!


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