No one knows

The first time I ever traveled with my boy we went to Milan. One particular evening of that trip really stuck in my head. We went out for a stroll and to grab some dinner. We hadn’t made any reservations, I rarely do when travelling. I think stumbling upon a hidden gem of a local restaurant with no English menu often leads to the best meals. This was certainly one of those evenings.

Although my memories are blurred by probably the high of our first trip together, the amazing day we just had and some rather good Italian wine, I remember approaching the restaurant, the crowd outside, candle lights, music, it all seemed magical. We got a table outside and had the most amazing meal listening to the music of a quirky group of customers at a table beside us. The ‘lead singer’ was an elderly lady with a shrill laugh, wearing a grand dress and dramatic makeup. There was a fortune teller who set her table and pile of rags close by the restaurant and occasionally someone came up to get their palm read.

I’m not sure about you or whether this is normal but in my case, I can recall most situations by remembering what I wore. That evening, I can’t recall a single detail about my outfit. What I do remember though is the underwear. Yes, you read that right. And no, I’m not on to a 50 shades kind of a story here… although it was on the interesting side (the underwear of course, if you really need to know!). I remember how the lace felt against my skin, how it made me sit up straight and how confident I felt. I’m pretty sure it made that evening rather amazing. I felt fabulous and although when it comes to underwear, no one knows what’s really going on underneath the clothes, it’s what sometimes makes the difference.

Arnotts lingerie show reminded me of this story and the fact that my drawer needs some new pretty pieces.

Chantelle: bra €59, briefs €32, Huit: bra €86, briefs €49, Ralph Lauran robe € 110, Triumph: bra €45, briefs €28

Hui: Bra €69, briefs €35, suspenders €42
Mimi Holliday: bra €70 , briefs €47

Elle Macpherson: Bra €42 , briefs €27.95
All lingerie Arnotts AW14 collection

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