Every time I wear these jeans I remember one of the great girlie nights at my friend’s. It was one of those evenings, we all felt like we needed a bit of a break so the bubbly went down quickly. Next up was a great bottle of white I got in Fallon&Byrne. It had a lovely woody and nutty flavors with the softest finish, we all indulged and the stories & the laughter began. If you’re ever looking for a good wine but like me don’t know the difference, F&B is great. Their descriptions are really good and even if you get something that isn’t necessarily your taste, rest assured it will still be a really good wine (and it will be drank! at least in my house;). So if you look very closely, you may notice that the jeans have a small rip on one knee. This small (undesired) detail makes me smile every time I put them on. It’s the small reminder of that girlie evening, that wine and that (epic, unattractive) fall on the way home. It’s what in a way makes these jeans special for me. Sometimes clothes need to reflect a bit of your life and it’s secrets to feel really right.

Jeans – DKNY
Top – COS
It’s it the details…

Bag – Asos
Ring – Topshop
Boots –

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