9-5 #I mean business

I am not sure this outfit post is the message I meant for today but here we are. It’s been 5 years since my first post. I find it rather hard to believe that this tiny page which I started to keep myself sane while out of work has lasted that long. 5 years! Of course I had to go back in time on this occasion and revisit my first post. Ouch! I was tempted to rewrite it but hey, at least I can see that my writing has improved!

I have been rather sentimental the last few days and dwelling on this (quite important) date. My super-critical ego has had a party highlighting all the things other bloggers achieve and I haven’t. Thanks to my boy (as always) I tried to focus on the positive.

Like I just said the blog was started to keep me focused during a difficult time for me. Although I told my nearest & dearest, I didn’t share the address or content of it for a long time. I can’t recall what made me change my mind & show it to the world but I did. I have since attended many amazing fashion events & press previews, got to meet some amazing people (interview with Natalie B Coleman probably being my personal highlight), learned a thing or two about social media, SEO & photography (on a tripod!). I am way older than many bloggers are and I have a full time job (well not at the start obviously but fortunately since about 4 months later!). It’s not just a 9-5 role either, it’s a demanding, senior management role which I have worked hard for. It is very much my focus as I am passionate about what I do and it often makes blogging simply impossible.

If you’ve been with me on this journey since the start, thank you and I hope you enjoyed it. I have no plans for this page which for an over-thinker like me is unsettling and raises a lot of questions but for now, let’s just enjoy some more fashion!

9-5 dressing seems so much easier since COS opened on Wicklow Street…


Dress – COS
Heels – Reiss
Bag – Michael Kors
Initial necklace – Chupi

10 thoughts on “9-5 #I mean business

  1. Woooo! Go you! I think you're amazing! It's great to such positivity and enthusiasm. Your juggling of jobs and blogs is very inspiring! You are rocking that outfit by the way – like a BOSS! My new favourite phrase! Congratulations on your longevity aswell, five years is no mean feat. x
    Mary Cate.


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