City trip: Bratislava

I love weekend breaks away and I usually follow a simple rule in picking a destination: cheapest flights on Ryanair available. It works most of the time.

This is exactly how I ended up booking a weekend break in Bratislava. I was told to expect a scene from Eurotrip so imagine my surprise and delight to find this instead…

Stunning, picturesque, cobble-stoned Old Town
Funky, comfortable, full of odd seats cafes which looked as if transported directly from London serving a range of interesting sandwiches, single origin coffees and local beers (photo: Urban Space, highly recommended)
Lots of hipster cafes / restaurants serving great traditional local food (Zylinder was my fave), pancakes & unusual teas (funki punki) & healthy grub (Foxford)
Creative area full of interesting people trying to promote local fashion & support a charitable cause while they’re at it
Was I impressed? Yes
Would I go back? Yes!
Not for party-lovers, this is a quiet city when it comes to a European capital (from what I’ve seen) but it’s the most unexpected mix of old, new, Western and Eastern which I absolutely loved and enjoyed in my own way..

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