Travel mode

I really enjoyed taking the pics around pretty Bratislava and somehow I even managed to convince my boy to take a few shots of my outfit. It is not super-exciting. It is very much practical and it’s the kind of outfit I tend to go for when away. As they say: if it’s not broken, don’t fix it… We all need to go with the reliable option sometimes.

A simple black or trench coat works for both day and night. The same applies to skinny jeans. I swapped the New Balance runners (the comfiest thing ever) for heeled boots for the night and I was pretty much ready! This snood is one of the fave items in my wardrobe, I happily go back to it every autumn which is not a common scenario!

Last but not least, as delighted as I am that Ryanair finally allows a handbag on a plane, I am one of those terrible people who pick up the biggest bag they have… in case they’ve done some shopping over the weekend. Sorry (not sorry) fellow passengers. I totally needed it to carry all the books & magazines around though!


Coat – Religion
Jeans – Zara
Runners – New Balance
Bag – Forever21
It’s in the details…
Snood – H&M
Rings – Claddagh right & my mom’s engagement ring

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