I’m far from being a beauty junkie and although I occasionally overspend on lipsticks (they’re SO difficult to ignore at the Mac counter!), cosmetics for me are more of a necessity (as bad as it sounds). Nothing like a good bargain so to help keep my clothes shopping budget healthy.

I’m after discovering in a rather unusual way – through the Jack & Jill charity.
What’s the link? has partnered with Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation and donates a  % of every sale from their website to the charity. If that doesn’t encourage you, how about the fact that their products are significantly cheaper than on high street?? (they know all the tricks).

Last but not least, I’ve a 10% further discount for you on the page, avail by using this promo code: Jackandjill before the end of November.

Thank me later, I’m off to enjoy my new bottle of perfume…

Issey Miyake from 

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