I have a serious thing for structured sleeves. Although I like floaty ones as well… I might just have a thing for weird sleeves actually, now that I think about it. This outfit post was all about the oversized, unusually shaped sleeves of a very simple tunic. I must have taken these photos months ago and never posted them but hey better late than never right!?

Wintery weather, Christmas rush and New Year weirdness tends to send me to a creative halt. Just as I’m trying to reorganise my life before a new dose of rush & to-do lists, my wardrobe seems to get in a way. I feel like scratching it all and starting all over.

It may be that this year I will actually get to do that, a bit of a new start. With Annmarie’s visit this weekend to reinvent my wardrobe (hello Happy Closet!) AND my shopping habits, I look forward to report to you how the new me will shape in 2015.

I also hope to see you at the Dublin Flea Market on the 25th where (a lot of) my wardrobe will be up for sale.


Tunic – Fifi
Leggings – COS
It’s in the detail…
Bag – All Saints
Necklace – Joanne Hynes
Boots – Boohoo

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