The Big Apple

If you follow me on social media you may have noticed that I was freezing my butt off in New York for a few days last week. Before you ask: no I did not spend a glamorous week at New York Fashion Week. I probably shouldn’t admit this but I only realised it was on when I was already there!

Life often takes unusual turns & direction and recently I seem to focus on food, exercise and my foodie daytime work so much that fashion has been a little bit less prominent. Not that I don’t enjoy the beautiful clothes anymore! (I have not gone crazy my dear) However, I looked forward to a few days in busy New York getting lost in the crowd, enjoying the fabulous food & cafes of Meatpacking District & Chelsea and getting submerged in a good book in the tiny apartment in West Village with an occasional glimpse of a metal fire escape rattling behind the window.

New York is a very unusual place, I feel that the more I see the more I have left to see! It’s as if discovering it was only making it into a bigger ‘job’.

I was never afraid of hard work though so I am happily taking up the challenge of trying to discover the prettiest spots, the coolest shops and the tastiest bites!

Here are a few of my top to visit from the recent trip (sorry if they’re too obvious to some!):

  • Chelsea Market – over the 4.5 days I had in the city I was there at least 4 times, that should say enough. Food, fashion, life..
  •  The Egg Shop – I discovered this place when trying to come up with something we could do / eat for Valentines. My boy is the fussiest egg eater (I know he’ll disagree saying he just wants them right, which does seem fair enough but rarely happens in Dublin). This place not only gets it right, they get it SO bloody right. It nearly went on fire when we were there so I would recommend seats close to the door 😉
  • Sarabeth’s – so busy but so worth it, I just love them and it’s the essence of New York and their brunch culture to me
  • Gansevoort Market – worth to visit for the location itself, you will accidentally bump into every designer / cool shop there is to find in West Village when trying to find it
  • Eataly – if you want to feel like you’re in Italy while in New York
  • Baked by Melissa – this is now a tradition, I need to get their tiny tasty peanut butter cupcake thingys the moment I land
  • Rossopomodoro – amazing Italian in West Village, I think this is not the only location, well worth checking out
  • Bluestone Lane Coffee – for a great cup of flat white, you know you need to head to an Australian joint. It will not disappoint and the avocado is good too & SO insta-friendly
  • Coppelia – when in America, American Diner is a must. This one serves Cuban twist on food 24/7. Rather perfect.
I think I could go on but this is just making me feel like holiday again so I will stop right here and let you enjoy a few shots of my fave locations. No outfit posts since I was wearing about 10 layers, could not care less for looking good, just wanted to get rid of my cold and be happy.
Chelsea Market
West Village
The amazing Egg Shop
Compulsory steam & yellow cab shot 😉
Hudson River
Views from the High Line

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