Nothing special

Part of me was surprised to realise that I am yet to ever mention or feature this dress on the blog. Part of me immediately knew why – it’s nothing special.
The dress, the shoes, the coat, not to mention the black opaques (rarely photographed by bloggers) definitely don’t fit any of the new trends or a particularly cool subject I could now discuss. Quite the opposite, they’re rather boring.As it happens though, it’s the ‘nothing special’ kind of clothes that we wear most of the time. And I think it’s time to photograph them, talk about them and hey, admire them. After all, these are the clothes that make up our daily life.

Most of mine are grey and black. There’s a lot of opaques because dresses are quick and easy to style and the weather is well, Irish. As for heels, they are quite chunky and rather low. Comfort is obviously an aspect but being 5’7 if I wear ‘proper’ heels I quickly look extremely tall and tower over people which personally I am not very fond of.

Here it is then, my very normal outfit which I wore to work and photographed around the corner from the office (oh the glam life of fashion bloggers…).


Coat – Zara
Dress – & Other Stories
Glasses – Nathalia’s 🙂
It’s in the detail…
Necklace – Penneys
Ring (index finger) – vintage
Ring (middle finger) – Lola Rosa 
(I only discovered them recently, fab jewellery)
Bag – Zara
Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell 

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