9 to 5 #Flats

I am an absolute believer in an office ‘shoedrobe’. Ok I may have just invented that word but as you probably guessed, I am talking about a wardrobe for shoes only in your workplace. I simply can’t imagine having to get in to town wearing the shoes I will be in for the day. I usually wear a pair of flats that more or less go with the outfit which means I can run out at lunch to run a few errands or if I’m late for a meeting I can speed walk through town. It also means that I have a few pairs of shoes to choose from at my desk and I can pick them at the time of a day that is much more appropriate (ie when I get there) than when I am leaving the house (ie half asleep).

I have been working on my collection of flats recently as they tend not to last too long and I find I often need a whole new collection come spring. I would probably get a lot more wear out of them if I went for something more expensive but I like a selection of different styles and colours so I have to compromise somewhere.

I am currently loving this simple but cute pair from Forever21, great buy at less than € 20! There’s a lot more from F21 coming soon, I’ve been rediscovering their contemporary range 😉

During this odd time of the year when a jacket can be too much on a sunny morning I love a good cardigan that can double up as a jacket. This one here is from New York (Anthropologie in Chelsea Market, see my post on that trip HERE) and is so deliciously fluffy I keep it on even when the sun comes out 😉


Shirt – H&M
Trousers – Mango
Cardigan – Anthropologie
It’s in the details…
Sunglasses – Anthropologie
Rings – Penneys
Handbag – All Saints
Flats – Forever21
Phone cover – that SSG SC phone cover shop 
(no clue what it’s called)

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