Editorial – Irish Tatler Sept’15

Although I easily get excited by spring and I have a lot of appreciation for days that don’t end at 4 o’clock, autumn steadily remains my favourite season. It seems to suit Dublin (and Dubliners) a lot better. Wardrobe malfunctions are  not as frequent to come by and there’s no sight of burning red T-shirt tans. Instead there’re ankle boots, tanned leathers and checked scarves. Cups of tea and smell of fires.

Autumn fashion truly excites me year on year and the first editorial that gave me this familiar, happy feeling about the season ahead was in September’s Irish Tatler. Styled by Aisling Farinella and photographed by Liam Murphy it was the quintessence of autumnal style in Dublin. Beautiful light, stylish interesting outifts and the colour palette that made me want to ditch anything with even a hint of summer shade from my wardrobe. My favourite styles & shots are below.







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