The best cuppa in town

It took my friend’s wedding (or rather her hen) to finally get me to try an afternoon tea. I have always looked at various deals, recommendations and photos of prettily arranged delicacies trying to come up with an occasion that would warrant such a lovely meal. I couldn’t think of a better choice for J. who appreciates ladylike setting like nobody else (this is a bride who made everything from scratch for her own wedding starting with candle settings for tables and ending with nothing other than her own wedding dress).
We had an absolutely fab time and I since wondered how to turn an afternoon tea into a more regular occurrence.

When I received an email about Westbury’s new tea I could hardly compose myself. The fact that I am struggling to classify this article should say it all. It really is a rare thing for fashion and food to come together in such perfectly joint scenario (note: after A LOT of thought this is both under Food and Fashion!).

The Irish Design Afternoon Tea has been created to celebrate the year of Irish Design 2015. The tea includes a collection of beautifully handcrafted pastries, cakes and sandwiches, paying homage to some of Ireland’s top designers and craftspeople inspired by PORTFOLIO (more on this HERE). I really struggle to think of a dessert that sounds better than Earl Grey cheesecake on crunchy base inspired by Migration reactive Bullseye glass by Karl Harron. Yes, that’s a real cake.

I am yet to book the tea myself but I have a feeling that my Sept birthday is a good enough excuse…

Jewellery Sour cream mousse, blackberry cremoux Inspired by Long Round Sculptural Neckpiece by Angela OÔÇÖKelly

Angela O’Kelly’s Long Round Sculptural Neckpiece inspired a sour cream mousse with blackberry cremoux above

Irish Design Afternoon Tea July 2015

The Irish Design Afternoon Tea is available in Westbury for a limited time at € 45 per person (or € 55 inc champagne…).


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